Monday, January 17, 2011

Style Crush: Carey Mulligan in An Education

Carey Mulligan may have gotten her heart broken in An Education, but if she got to keep her wardrobe we'd say it's a fair trade-off. Mulligan's retro-style dresses in that movie were awesome — just the right mixture of cute, classy, glam and sexy (much like Mulligan herself!).

vintage style dresses

Designers knew how to make clothes back then (and are starting to again, it would seem, since, as we mentioned last week the styles of '50s and '60s are making their way into today's mainstream fashion). The fit of this vintage-style dress is one that would flatter just about anyone, plus it makes what could be a somewhat homely print really pop.

vintage style dressesAgain, a great fit paves the way for a potentially ugly print. The material, too, helps it along, allowing what could have been a tablecloth stand out as a great fitted dress. The knot at the neckline alone might seem a bit... churchly, but the cinched waist brings the right dash of glamor.

vintage style dresses

A great example of those full skirts we mentioned last week, this dress is the epitome of understated beauty. The white is just off-white enough, and the strip pink is just demure enough not to look too crazy. This is asymmetry done right!

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