Monday, January 24, 2011

Emily Bergl Has a Great Retro Wardrobe in "Desperate Housewives"

Last week we talking about Carey Mulligan's completely adorable vintage style dresses in An Education. Another character who has a great retro wardrobe is Beth Young on "Desperate Housewives." Played by Emily Bergl, Beth, unlike Mulligan's character, is a modern-day woman simply paying homage to the fashions of a typical 1950's housewife. And boy does she look the part — take a look:

[caption id="attachment_498" align="aligncenter" width="341" caption="Great cardi"]vintage style dresses[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_499" align="aligncenter" width="341" caption="Love those glasses!"]vintage style dresses[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_500" align="aligncenter" width="341" caption="Yeah, we don't recommend the pistol as a fashion accessory. Swap it out for a cute handbag or sunglasses."]vintage style dresses[/caption]

Notice a trend? Beth Young sticks to a very simple (but very cute) formula — floral printed retro style dresses with a fun but classic cardigan over top. And check out those cat-eye glasses! Clearly she has a sixth sense when it comes to upcoming trends. She keeps her hair and makeup simple but elegant, and something tells me she wouldn't be caught dead without a pair of kitten heels. All in all, Beth Young might just be the perfect style icon for the upcoming season — she looks like she could have just stepped off the spring 2011 runway!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Music Musings: Paramore - Playing God

I wanted to share a new favorite of mine with all you MOD fans. I was watching MTV the other night and was lucky to catch this song playing. I instantly loved the feeling that it had never mind the great vibe i got from their fashion looks. Starting off with her great red retro style dress grasped me instantly. Her punk colored hair makes her look like she walked out of the late 70's. Then came (minute 1:16) and i fell in love! Her light gray colored jumper with that low white collar was all i needed to cement this love affair :) She totally showed everything that makes me passionate about Vintage Style Dresses. Kudos to Paramore you made me extremely happy today.

Have an awesome Weekend!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Eye Candy

Wow, everyone is oohing and ahhing about the backless and shimmery dresses from last night golden globes, and i totally dig it! However, what popped out to me was the pantone color of the year honeysuckle. It came out in all forms taking on the pinks the peaches and the corals which the stars totally rocked. With spring on the way i was totally taken with these light spring shades and boy are we excited to bring to you these amazing colors at Messes of Dresses. Keep checking back for our spring looks or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know of these arrivals!

photos via JustJared

Style Crush: Carey Mulligan in An Education

Carey Mulligan may have gotten her heart broken in An Education, but if she got to keep her wardrobe we'd say it's a fair trade-off. Mulligan's retro-style dresses in that movie were awesome — just the right mixture of cute, classy, glam and sexy (much like Mulligan herself!).

vintage style dresses

Designers knew how to make clothes back then (and are starting to again, it would seem, since, as we mentioned last week the styles of '50s and '60s are making their way into today's mainstream fashion). The fit of this vintage-style dress is one that would flatter just about anyone, plus it makes what could be a somewhat homely print really pop.

vintage style dressesAgain, a great fit paves the way for a potentially ugly print. The material, too, helps it along, allowing what could have been a tablecloth stand out as a great fitted dress. The knot at the neckline alone might seem a bit... churchly, but the cinched waist brings the right dash of glamor.

vintage style dresses

A great example of those full skirts we mentioned last week, this dress is the epitome of understated beauty. The white is just off-white enough, and the strip pink is just demure enough not to look too crazy. This is asymmetry done right!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring 2011 Trend Alert!

retro style dressesThose of you who love mod clothing and retro style dresses are in luck, because they were all over the spring 2011 runways. The '50s, '60s and '70s are all making a comeback, both with accessories and clothing. Cat-eye glasses and sunglasses were seen everywhere in the spring lines, as were full skirts and long dresses, and lots of sweetheart cut tops and necklines.

So how can Messes of Dresses keep you up-to-date on these trends? Well, there are the "bug-eye" sunglasses (that are really just cat-eye) we featured last week. Check out a couple other choice pieces to bring out your inner runway model and fashionista:

Cahill Dress by Jack by BB Dakota

retro style dresses

This adorable Floral Print dress by BB Dakota is right on target with its thick fabric and slight velour-like touch.  Features fitted button down top with pleating flare to the skirt. The back of the dress is to die for with its criss cross cutout open back. (Note: If you want to fluff up the skirt a bit, throw another, wider shorter skirt on underneath it.)

Zigzag Shamoose Dress

vintage style dressesSip on your tea when you're out to lunch with the girls and feel the breeze of the silky dress whip up against you as you cross your legs and pour some honey. The long sleeves with an elasticized bounce add much character to your retro look. Tie it all together with its matching zigzag sash and back top tie.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Gems From Messes of Dresses

Last week, we discussed what kind of accessories you can use to complete your vintage style. This week we're going to take a look at the retro accessories you can find right at Messes of Dresses to wear with your retro and vintage style dresses.

Vintage Bug Eye Sunglasses

indie clothingThese 1960s Vintage Euro-Look Cat Eye sunglasses are obviously great for spring and summer, but you can wear them now, too. (The sun still shines in the winter!)
Features cool light lenses with a great gold leaf design and four rhinestones on each side.

Vintage Patent Pod Shoulder Bag

indie clothingThis 1980s Cool black Patent POD Shoulder purse can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a clutch with the chain in the inside. Its snap closure and inside pockets make it the perfect size for your lipstick, money and phone — just right for a night out on the town!

Vintage 1960s Avocado Pumps

indie clothingWe're crazy about these size-6 1960s Troylings suede pumps in pale avocado suede.
In original box!!!

These are just a few of the great retro items you can find at Messes of Dresses. Take a look at the site's vintage section to see what else we have to offer.