Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Music Musings: Loving "The Like"

Hey there fellow MOD Shoppers and blog lovers!... So right now, i'm totally Loving this fantastic band "The Like" and their 60's vibe.  Check out their adorable vintage dresses and classic retro style!! This song is our new favorite and has been playing in the MOD offices constantly this month!!!

XX Sarah

Monday, November 22, 2010

Retro style Dresses Leading To Retro Style Underwear

We’ve discussed in the past on this blog how retro style dresses have become more and more mainstream, making a comeback of sorts as trendy dresses back into pop-culture. Well it would appear going vintage UNDER your clothing is making a very similar comeback.

That’s right. According to many experts, bigger underwear is becoming more and more popular for ladies between 20 and 30 years of age… a demographic that in the past had been looking for smaller and more revealing undergarments.

And while the move undoubtedly adds a degree of coziness, salesperson/model Marianne Rutherford states women won’t be giving up sexy for comfort. “‘It’s a not an obvious sexy look; it’s very vintage, inspired by the pin-up girls of the ’50s who really made an effort to look glamorous,” said Rutherford, who later admits she finds skimpier udnergarments “dated and a bit ugly, really.

‘‘Fashion has been evolving, and obviously if you wear high-waisted jeans with a lower-cut undie you’re going to get a strange line,’’ said fashion marketing director Tanya Deans.

According to Myer fashion director Judy Coomber, “There is a real focus on getting the waist small and neat. The lady-like ’50s and ’60s glamour certainly lends itself to more elaborate lingerie and shapewear ... The look is much more curvy and rounded.’’

To read more about how “more is more” when it comes to new women’s underwear, be sure to check out this article at

Monday, November 15, 2010

Trendy Vintage Style Dresses In Brisbane, Australia

At Messes of Dresses, the goal is to collaborate and put together the positive kind of shopping experience we ourselves have always dreamed of. And we accomplish this by working hard to find the trendiest dresses that people will love without having to dig too deep into their wallets. By attending fashion shows and fashion events, we are able to bring everything and anything back to you with a tremendous selection of indie clothing and trendy dresses.

And speaking of those fashion shows and events, you likely missed a marvelous one in Brisbane, Australia last month. “The Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair,” which was held at the Eagle Farm Racecource from October 29th to October 31st.  To quote the promo:
“Swing dresses, 40s/50s wasp-waisted suits, stunning swing coats, sculptured cocktail dresses and more, the Brisbane Fashion Fair is a feast for lovers of retro style.

With Victorian bloomers and beaded bags, Hollywood era swimsuits, cute 60s mini dresses, and head turning hats, there's something for everyone at this weekend long event.”

And really, with the cost of admission being ten AUSTRALIAN dollars (which is approximately nine dollars and eighty cents American), you really don’t have an excuse for not being there, do you?

Except for the whole it’s-on-the-other-side-of-the-world-thing.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Retro Style For Jamie King

Despite our emphasis on retro style dresses and indie clothing, we couldn’t help but notice this recent blog from a few weeks back.

The piece discusses the bathing suit choice of model-turned-actress Jamie King, who opted to wear a vintage style black one piece swimsuit while hanging on Miami Beach. After all, it’s unusual to find a young, gorgeous actress chilling on a beach in anything more than a hair-thin bikini. So to see King in something you’d expect Marilyn Monroe to have worn caught us a bit off guard.

That being said, King inarguably wore it well. The woman is absolutely beautiful, and the retro style of this bathing suit does nothing to change that.

For those who don’t remember, King garnered her fame from her roles in Pearl Harbor and Sin City, though she was successful model for years before her acting career began.

Since 2007, King has been married to director Kyle Newman, who she apparently loves even more than we love her vintage style bathing suit:“I don’t know why, but some part of me was instantly connected to him, and I loved him so much. It was intense. I never thought that would happen to me.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mad Men Costume Designer Offers Retro Style Dresses Advice

Perhaps nothing has done more to peak interest in retro styles dresses and clothing that the popularity of AMCs Mad Men, the American dramatic television series set in the 1960s.

Perhaps in an attempt to capitalize off of the fame the show is bringing vintage style dresses, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant has published a style advice book.

Entitled “The Fashion File,” the book is “Bryant’s foray into style advice and tips, such as how to dress for one’s figure and how to incorporate vintage pieces into contemporary dress,” according to Elva Ramirez of

“It’s about becoming your own leading lady and developing your own fabulous personal style,” Bryant said.  ”It really is about having a little crush on yourself.”

As for the show itself, “Bryant says she often hears from fans who like to talk about Faye Miller’s and Megan’s costumes. But the crowd favorite, by far, is Peggy.”

“People have been waiting for that character to stretch out, and become that working woman,” Bryant said at The Fashion File debut party, which was held at The Griffin with its sparkling chandeliers and overflowing flower vases. “She’s a character that really has come into her own with style but it still has that Peggy essence.”