Monday, September 13, 2010

Reasons To Buy Vintage Style Dresses

There are a plethora of reasons for women to choose vintage style dresses. This week on this blog, we’re going to hit you up with our three favorite:


Hey, nobody likes showing up at a party and seeing somebody wearing the exact same thing they are. For those of us who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on having a personal designer come up with all of our outfits, vintage styles dresses can present an opportunity to not only look good, but to look unique. Besides, you go to ANY new clothing store, all of the styles are going to look and feel the same for any specific season. Nothing gives you the opportunity to be unique like going vintage.


This is actually an incorrect assumption more often than not. Just because something is used does not necessarily mean it will be chap. It will, however, be cheaper, so you will be ensuring you’re getting that specific product for less than it would have typically cost.

Go Green

Helping yourself to some retro style dresses can also mean you’re helping out your planet. Hey, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and vintage clothing fits into all three categories. Keep old clothes out of the landfills by putting them back on your bodies.

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  1. Great advice! I'm a real fan of vintage dresses- they're so unique.