Monday, September 27, 2010

Tips On Going Retro

For all of you out there interested in going old-school from a fashion perspective, you better recognize that going retro involves a lot more than just throwing on retro style dresses you bought for a quarter at The Salvation Army.

Here are our Top Four Ways To Go Retro:

1)      Select An Era, and Stick To It. If you want to look like you’re from the 50s, dress from the 50s. If you want to dress like you’re from the 80s, dress from the 80s. But don’t mix-and-match eras; it often looks silly, makes your fashion-message seem muddled, and can often be overwhelming.

2)      Accessorize! Yes, the vintage style dresses get the retro message across. But why stop there? Hats, shoes jewelry, all these things will not only add to your wardrobe, but they’re just much fun how could you not?

3)      Express Yourself. Yes, you’ll be representing an era, but you want to make sure to stay true to yourself as well. Make sure you’re always comfortable in what you’re wearing… that’s the most important thing there is!

4)      Find A Proper Vendor: If you truly want to guarantee authenticity, you’ve got to find the right retailer. Messes of Dresses was created by two sisters who love fashion, dresses, and of course a great bargain.

Monday, September 20, 2010

AM New York Interviews Lisanna de Jong

One of the best complimentary New York City newspapers, AM New York, recently sat down with Fashion Week model Lisanne de Jong. They talked to the 20-year-old Dutch model about everything from the 50+ shows she was in during Fashion Week to how she got into modeling.

Some of the ineterviews highlights:

How did you get into modeling? I was scouted on the street in the Netherlands when I was 14. I didn’t start modeling until after (high) school – that was when I was 18.

Favorite thing about Fashion Week? Doing the shows! It gives me such a great energy kick, walking on those runways. It’s also a lot of fun, because during that month you’re always working with the same people you become like this one big family of nonstop workers, trying to make every show look amazing. It feels like you’re off the real planet for a while and living on the fashion planet.

Did you miss this interview in your daily free copy of AM New York? Don’t worry, Messes of Dresses has you covered. For the full interview, CLICK HERE. We truly recommend it for all you Fashion Week enthusiasts and lovers of indie clothing and vintage style dresses.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Reasons To Buy Vintage Style Dresses

There are a plethora of reasons for women to choose vintage style dresses. This week on this blog, we’re going to hit you up with our three favorite:


Hey, nobody likes showing up at a party and seeing somebody wearing the exact same thing they are. For those of us who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on having a personal designer come up with all of our outfits, vintage styles dresses can present an opportunity to not only look good, but to look unique. Besides, you go to ANY new clothing store, all of the styles are going to look and feel the same for any specific season. Nothing gives you the opportunity to be unique like going vintage.


This is actually an incorrect assumption more often than not. Just because something is used does not necessarily mean it will be chap. It will, however, be cheaper, so you will be ensuring you’re getting that specific product for less than it would have typically cost.

Go Green

Helping yourself to some retro style dresses can also mean you’re helping out your planet. Hey, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and vintage clothing fits into all three categories. Keep old clothes out of the landfills by putting them back on your bodies.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Trend 1: Neutrals

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You know you can never go wrong with vintage style dresses. because if its vintage inspired, it was definitely fashionable at some point in time.. However, don't worry when you shop with you know that your ahead of the trend!

This fall we are seeing a lot of Neutral tones with Floral Prints and we are loving how they come together so nicely with sweaters and layers.
You can pair up a printed dress like the the wildflower dress with sheer black tights and lighter colored over the knee high socks and chunky booties! Don't forget to throw on a neutral cardigan and belt over it all, which really brings the ensemble together. Check out our lookbook video to see how we styled the wildflower dress using fall neutrals!

We appreciate and understand your need to have the newest, hottest trendy dresses, and we want to help you stay fashionable all the time, so in addition to the dresses up on our site, we have tons of amazing neutrals hitting the shop this month!!

Happy Shopping!!

XX Sarah

New Releases of Trendy Dresses

When it comes to fashion, it’s always good to stay fresh and ahead of the trends…. even if, ironically, the trendy thing is vintage style dresses.

That is why Messes of Dresses has a page right on the front of their website that leads to a catalog of their new releases… because they appreciate and understand the need to have the newest, hottest trendy dresses, and they want to help you stay ahead in the world of fashion.

Check out the New Arrivals page now, and see a huge listing of new trendy dresses. This includes Item #194: The Sequin Tube Dress.

The Sequin Tube Dress features sequin detailing from top to bottom with a seam in the back center. It’s elasticized fit, and typically runs small (so if you typically wear a small, we recommend you opt for medium this time).

And if you like that, be sure to check out the Wildflower dress, another new release. The Wildflower Dress is more suited for the cooler weather, and features printed chiffon in berry. With a scoop neckline and side ruffles that start over the shoulder and father all the way to the bottom of the outfit, the Wildflower dress goes great with a thin belt and some tall lace up boots.

So check out Messes of Dresses for all the New Releases.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion Night Out, NYC Sept 10th!

Join all the hundreds of people who love fashion and come to NYC for fashion night out to support the fashion industry!! Start planning your trip to NYC and don't forget to hit us up and stock up on all the trendy dresses you need for fall!

For more details on fashion night out visit: